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Alito is a supreme improvement

October 31st, 2005

There’s no question judge Alito is more qualified than Miers ever will be, which is why I questioned the Miers nomination in the first place. This quote got me:

The 55-year-old Italian-American jurist was Bush’s favorite choice of the judges in the last set of deliberations but he settled instead on someone outside what he calls the “judicial monastery,” the officials said.

What!? Settled? There should be no settling on the supreme court. Nominate the best person, period. Race shouldn’t matter. Gender shouldn’t matter. The Supreme Court represents the Constitution, not the people of America, so the justices don’t have to look like anything. There shouldn’t have to be this many women, or this many minorities, or any of that. Let us have only the best.

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Crucifying the desires of the flesh

October 30th, 2005

Chris ended our Vintage Christianity series this morning with an incredible sermon about feeding the desires of the Spirit and crucifying the desires of the sinful nature. I’ve listened to Chris’ sermons for over a year now, and I believe his most quoted verse is from Proverbs 23: “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” Today’s sermon got to the core of that verse, and again reminded us that spiritual transformation (and life transformation for that matter) happens from the inside out. Instead of showing more love and showing more peace, we need to become more loving, and become more peaceful.

According to Galations 5:16, those who have the Spirit of God have two desires inside of them, the desires of the flesh and the desires of the Spirit. There is conflict. The one you actively feed is the one that will be stronger. For a change, try to instantly gratify the desires of the Spirit while delaying gratification for the sinful desires.

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Too Cool for IE…not cool at all.

October 18th, 2005

I ran across this site this morning while checking today’s top rankings. As a Firefox evangelist, my inital thought was of a Guiness Draft: “Brilliant!” But on second thought, just because a browser is inferior doesn’t mean we should make fun. I’m all for adding buttons and links to, but let’s not play dirty. After all, does anyone question whether Microsoft could make a browser better than FireFox, Opera or Safari? I doubt it. They just haven’t chosen to so far.

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Dallas Willard quote

October 13th, 2005

I was reminded last night in our small group study of a quote from Dallas Willard that Chris quoted last weekend.

We always live up to our beliefs – or down to them, as the case may be. Nothing else is possible. That is the nature of belief.

This is true because the choices that we make, from insignificant to life-changing, we make according to what we value most. There are no exceptions.

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Bush’s To-Do List

October 12th, 2005

Recently it occurred to me how many items Bush campaigned for last year, and what progress he has made so far spending his “political capital”. Here’s what I remember:

1. Marriage Ammendment
2. Social Security
3. Tax Reform
4. Judicial Reform

I think John Roberts was an excellent choice, but beyond that I’m a bit disappointed in his second-term performance. Surely he didn’t use items like the marriage ammendment just to get votes, did he?

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It’s that time again…ASP.Net

October 5th, 2005

Although my allegiance is secure with Open Source technologies like PHP and MySQL, about once or twice a year I pop open my Visual Studio and create an ASP.Net application. While I’ve taken some .Net classes over the years, I’m about the worst .Net developer you can find. But I want to at least put forth some effort since Zunch is a Microsoft Certified Partner and all. Anyways, this week I decided to create an app that will help the SEO team organize directory submissions. It’s a very simple little app, but the information was perfect for a DataGrid. All in all…its not too bad. Writing .Net code just reminds me of how many different ways you can perform the same task.

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