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Arguments on Alito

January 24th, 2006

Politics amazes me sometimes…somebody said yesterday that politics is the only career in the world where the longer you server, the worse you become. Sometimes I think that must be true when I read the arguments of our representatives. Like take this one from Harry Reid on why Harriet Myers nomination was withdrawn:

“They (conservatives) couldn’t go for her because she was an independent woman.”

Um…no. They wouldn’t go for her because on a list of the top 1,000 judicial minds in the nation, she wouldn’t come close! Alito, on the other hand, would be darn near the top. If you are going to have brain surgery, do you want the best man or woman? No, you want the best surgeon.

Bonus material: We need more Senators to speak like Lindsey Graham:

If Democrats want to make judges a campaign issue, “we welcome that debate on our side. We’ll clean your clock.

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