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The NSA and Telemarketers

May 25th, 2006

If you are reading this, and you are one of the NSA spooks that is monitoring my telephone line, can you please help me out by intercepting any telemarketers and letting them know that I’m not interested. Good grief…since moving into a house, I’ve never had so many worthless phone calls! I would just drop my land line completely…but I remembered you.

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More AdCenter Woes…

May 16th, 2006

My frustrations with AdCenter are well known, but they seem to be never-ending as well. Today, while trying to add keywords to a new campaign, I received this message:

Before submitting your keyword list, please resolve the issues noted in the Status column.

Now, I only had about half a dozen keywords, and the status colum for every one simply said “New”. Hmm…OK, so now the continue button is disabled, and I can’t figure out what the “issue” is. What do I do? Beat my head against the wall, close the browser and start over, hoping for a different result. (Insanity, anyone?)

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The Central Incompetent Agency

May 5th, 2006

The news just broke that Porter Goss has resigned from the CIA, meaning the folks in Langley still aren’t close to becoming effective again. Where’s Jack and Sydney Bristow when you need them? One of the reasons we’re not succeding in the middle east is because we have no actionable intelligence over there. The 90′s came along and everyone thought that sattelites and computer wires were going to replace human beings on the ground and in the trenches providing intel. Clinton begain slashing the CIA’s budget and “showed almost no interest in intelligence matters,” says author James Risen. Clinton was scared of doing anything, from killing Bin Laden to supporting an Iraqi coup.

On a similar note, someone we haven’t heard from much since the start of the war has an interesting interview about Iraq, the middle east and America.

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