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The Search for Martians Gets Money

June 29th, 2006

From the AP: “President Bush’s plan to send man to Mars in coming decades received a green light Thursday as the House passed a bill funding the annual budgets of NASA and the departments of Commerce, Justice and State.”

I’ll try to be optimistic…maybe we’ll find Usama bin Laden there. But really…what are the nuts in Congress thinking!? We’re cutting intelligence and law enforcement budgets, but we’ll throw money at Mars. Rep. Barney Frank states it well:

Sending human beings to Mars … is a luxury that this country cannot now afford. The justification for sending people to Mars is political. It is psychological. It is cultural. It is not scientific.

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Glenn Beck’s History of Illegal Immigration Cartoon

June 27th, 2006

After hearing Glenn Beck on my Tueday drive home every week, I can now get him on demand (his show’s on three times a day on CNN-HL). I’ve set the Tivo, and every once in a while I’ll watch a full episode. I’m glad I saw his June 20th show, cause you’ve got to see this:

Glenn Beck’s History of Illegal Immigration Cartoon

Tyson Politics – Forget iTunes, Get Whole CDs for a Buck!

June 8th, 2006

I love reading John Battelle, and today he pointed me to Basically, it’s a CD swapping service where you pay $1 (plus shipping) for each CD you want. The interface is nice and AJAXy, and the selection seems to be decent. Something I’ll keep my eye on…

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Watch the border chaos, live!

June 2nd, 2006

It appears Texas governor Rick Perry digs YouTube, so he wants to broadcast the border chaos for all to see. My question…if the Border Patrol is working against the Minutemen, why is this camera thing going to change anything? Obviously this is a cheap, political move meant to grab attention for Perry in an election year. Can’t Texans see straight through this?

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