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Fixing the Airline Problem

November 28th, 2006

Much has been made of the air travel lately…the lines, the inconveniences, “take your shoes off”, 3oz bottles, etc. We all know it’s a pain…but what I want to talk about is luggage. The percentage of luggage lost in recent months has skyrocketed. O’reilly was even barking the other day that the federal government should step in and do something about all this lost luggage! What!? Right…that would work…

Look, nobody is not flying because more luggage is getting lost. Now, more folks may be mailing their own bags, but people are still flying. Airlines feel little pressure to take drastic measures to improve customer experiences. Here’s what I think needs to happen for the airline experience to improve. Some small to mid-sized fleet needs to go out on a limb. What would happen tomorrow if JetBlue or AirTran came out and said: “Folks…if you hop on one of our planes and arrive at your destination without your luggage, we’ll refund the cost of your ticket.” No credit for next time. Just an immediate credit to your charge card.

Independence Air attempted something like this in 2005, but there were no 3oz restrictions, and a voucher was given for future travel. Tell me this…if you lose my luggage, why would I want to travel with you again? A luggage guarantee would be a drastic program that would shake up the airline industry, which desperately needs shaking up right now.

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  1. December 27th, 2006 at 11:46 | #1

    I found your blog on SitePoint and saw that you are in Dallas (I’m in North Irving).

    I fly out of DFW pretty often and due to luggage problems, I completely avoid Delta at all costs. On a three day business trip where I was forced to check my luggage I never saw it till I returned to Dallas. Unbelievable. After a long phone conversation and a lot of complaining on my part Delta refused to give me any kind of compensation for the screwup. I did not even want a voucher, I just wanted them to pay me back for some of the items I was forced to buy.

    The other day while in Virginia, I had a conversation with a few people about US Airways (what we were flying), and they said it was the worst they had ever flown. I told them that Delta was the worst and they promptly disagreed, saying Delta was great. Me, I do not mind being a little late (something US Airways is known for) instead of missing my bags.

    The airlines are going to be forced to do something soon, or people will start getting fed up.

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