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Ebay now using Sub-domains for SEO?

September 23rd, 2007

I’m an avid ebay shopper, but I just noticed that ebay is using sub-domains for its main categories (left side of homepage). I think this is a new development, and one could assume that ebay is trying to leverage the sub-domain strategy for better organic search rankings. Of course is famous for utilizing sub-domains, and it ranks for everything under the sun.

I’m often asked at work if sub-domains are a good way to optimize a site. I tend to recommend using sub-domains when the content and categorization makes sense, but not so much that the site becomes fragmented and looks unnatural. For instance, ebay has long had sub-domains for motors and express, which makes sense because they are separate from the main ebay shopping site.

It will be interesting to see if this change makes a positive or negative impact on the site’s traffic.

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Retroactive Prayer

September 17th, 2007

I don’t know about you, but I believe in retroactive prayer. Like this week, Sarah and I were praying for the Lord the change a circumstance that we felt locked in, and we found out yesterday that He had taken care of it a while ago, we just weren’t aware of it. Now maybe you can say, well that circumstance would have changed whether you had prayed or not. Maybe. Certainly God blesses us even when we don’t ask him, like any good Dad.  But I’d rather go ahead and believe that he heard and answered ahead of time, and give him thanks for it.  We probably can’t over-credit God, right?

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