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I Thought Ubuntu Was Cool

December 20th, 2007

I purchased a cheap laptop a few months ago from Best Buy, basically because the deal was too good to pass up. It came with Vista Basic, but I decided to install Ubuntu on it as another option, seeing how slow Vista runs with only 512MB of RAM. Man, what a beating!!! I mean, I like Ubuntu for the most part, but networking is a nightmare. Still to this day I can’t successfully or easily connect to networks (wired or wireless). I’ve spent countless hours reading forums and help documents, trying to find the magic bullet, but I’m about done. It’s a shame too, because so many parts of Ubuntu are superior to Windoze. For all the complaints you hear about Windows, they have definitely done some good things.

Maybe in another year, Ubuntu will be ready for mass market. I suppose I’ll keep it installed, but I think I’ll change by grub settings to default to Vista now (and look for some deals on memory).

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There Goes My Evening

December 11th, 2007

Google just added Streetview for several more cities including my home town of Big-D. I simply love this thing…it’s so compelling. But, all you Dallas folks need to spend the evening ensuring that the Google cams didn’t catch you picking your nose or something like that. ;-)

Here’s a neat shot of my office and my church (well, the south campus).



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