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The Steroids Hearing – Part 1

January 15th, 2008

OK, some of these congressman seem somewhat knowledgeable, but for the most part this is a waste.  The first several questions were answered like this: "Thank you for the question, congressman, and it is one that I answered completely in my report."  Translation: You didn’t read my report, did you? 

Then we had others that were interested in Palmeira’s (??) 3,000th hit.  And then a reference to commissioner Sulig (??).  C’mon people!

More thoughts to come…

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My Kind of Soap Opera

January 8th, 2008

This Roger Clemens fiasco is killing me.  I’m so caught up in it, constantly wanting the latest story, opinion piece or rumor. It’s like a soap opera that I’m helplessly addicted to.  Lies, deception, manipulation, bare buttocks…OK, sorta like a soap opera.  I’ve even been emailing the journalists of the Houston Chronicle, begging them to ask certain questions of Clemens (Richard Justice tried his best for me – thanks Richie!).

I’m trying to restrain from passing judgment, but many it’s hard! We’ve become so jaded because so many other atheletes have denied and denied and denied and denied, writing books of denial and telling all kinds of believable tales – then we almost always find out they were lying.

I have to again mention Guillermo Mota of the New York Mets for being the gold-standard for me. I guess it’s sad that he’s the exception to the rule.

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A Great Day for Digital Music Fans

January 4th, 2008

Hot off the press, Sony BMG plans to drop DRM protections!  Amazon will be the first to offer DRM-free music from all four of the major labels.

DRM is the stupid policy that prohibited digital music from being used in a free manner.  That is to say, songs purchased on iTunes could only be played with an iPod, and songs purchased from wal-mart couldn’t be burned to a CD, etc.

“DRM tends to punish the innocent more than the guilty,” says Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, a technology research company. “It was hurting folks who were trying to follow the rules more than the folks who were pirating the music.”

Soon I will be able to purchase any song, and enjoy it any way I want.  On my iPod, from my desktop, steamed to my D-Link MediaLounge, etc.

Along with this announcement is that fact that Amazon is pushing it’s way in front of iTunes, as recording lables have become increasingly frustrated with Steve Jobs and his strong-arming techniques.  Apple is now forced to sit out and wait, reaping some of what it has sown.  Of course it won’t be long before Apple has the same agreements with the major four labels – they just have to play second fiddle for once.

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