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A Sabbath Beatdown

March 31st, 2008

If you’ve grown up in church like I have, you’ll find this humurous. I’ve mentioned before about my church, and yesterday Chris gave a remarkable sermon on the seventh day of creation. That’s right, God’s rest. He talked about how we often tire ourselves searching for counterfeit rest, and how even the things given to us by God we turn into chores with rules and regulations instead of enjoying them in light of God’s rest. Hear this 1 minute clip for more:

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Apple + Fitness = More Profits for Steve Jobs

March 31st, 2008

I just recently learned about the Nike+iPod system, which is very cool. But this, this is a great idea.

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Opening Day, Yeah!

March 31st, 2008

It’s opening day for the Astros, and I’m pumped! Not because Houston is going to be good this year – just because I enjoy baseball.  The double-switch, the hit-and-run, watching Jose Cruz Sr. remind professional baseball players how many outs there are at every visit…you can’t beat that!

I also enjoy listening to Jim Deshaies’ humor…yes, that’s a great bonus.  Personally, I can’t stand announcers from other teams, especially the Rangers. I mean, I understand it’s punishment having to watch that team every year, but man those guys just don’t have a clue. I remember a game last year when they spent the entire inning talking about cold remedies.  And the Braves announcers – I’ve always wondered if they suck helium before each inning.  Don’t get me started on ESPN’s hot air blowers who watch one game of each team and think they know everything. To be fair, the Cubs announcers are decent – at least they have a good grasp on the game and the players for each team.

Anyways…back to the Astros. I think they will be around .500 this year, and probably miss the playoffs again. The offense is obviously improved, but the pitching is definitely below average. I think Backe will be OK, but I don’t see Wandy improving much from previous years. If he was going to get better, I think it would have happened by now. Hopefully I will be surprised and we’ll be in the hunt come mid-season.  If so, maybe we can get a #2 starter at the trade-deadline and make a playoff run. 

Play ball!

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Music + Fitness = More Profits for Steve Jobs

March 27th, 2008

I have just recently learned about the Nike+iPod exercise software, which is cool. But this, this is a great idea.

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Apple and Free Music

March 19th, 2008

Lots of news has been going around today about Apple in talks with the music labels to offer all-inclusive iPods – hardware that comes with a buffet of music at no extra charge.

Alternatively, Apple is considering offering an iTunes subscription service that would give users unlimited access to music for the life of their device.

For a $100 premium fee, customers can pay to have unlimited access to the complete iTunes library for the lifetime of their device, whether it be an iPhone or iPod. Or for a $7-8 monthly fee customers could have the same unlimited access, though at this time it looks as if the subscription service will only be offered to iPhone customers.

I assume this would be similar to Yahoo’s old Music Unlimited program that I subscribed to at one point – offering tracks with DRM so as soon as you stop your subscription the downloaded music becomes unusable.  That service was $7.99 a month, I believe.

If the music really does last only as long as the device lasts, I’m thinking it’s a good day to own this company.

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Timely Story on Bank Fraud

March 4th, 2008

I woke up this morning to an email from Bank of America, alerting me of "irregular activity" on my account. Sure enough, after logging in to examine the damages, someone in Plano had scored $900 worth of merch at a local Wal-Mart overnight.

I don’t know about you, but this happens to me about once a year and never really surprises me anymore. It’s relatively easy to deal with, and only a minor inconvenience (not even a fraction of trouble compared to identity fraud). Furthermore, I’m always thankful that guidelines are in place that protect the account holder and encourage banks and merchants to be alert and vigilant.

Anyways, after 10 minutes on the phone this morning I’m back to my regular routine. While reading through the headlines, I saw this story from the NY Times. Timely, eh? Maybe I should reconsider my accounts with Bank of America…

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