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Apple and Free Music

March 19th, 2008

Lots of news has been going around today about Apple in talks with the music labels to offer all-inclusive iPods – hardware that comes with a buffet of music at no extra charge.

Alternatively, Apple is considering offering an iTunes subscription service that would give users unlimited access to music for the life of their device.

For a $100 premium fee, customers can pay to have unlimited access to the complete iTunes library for the lifetime of their device, whether it be an iPhone or iPod. Or for a $7-8 monthly fee customers could have the same unlimited access, though at this time it looks as if the subscription service will only be offered to iPhone customers.

I assume this would be similar to Yahoo’s old Music Unlimited program that I subscribed to at one point – offering tracks with DRM so as soon as you stop your subscription the downloaded music becomes unusable.  That service was $7.99 a month, I believe.

If the music really does last only as long as the device lasts, I’m thinking it’s a good day to own this company.

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