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My Experience with Live Search Cashback

Much has been written about Microsoft’s bribery search engine – Live Search Cashback. I like a deal as much as anyone, but this almost seems ridiculous. Anyways…I’m shopping for a couple of unique items for my car stereo in order to hook up my iPod, and here’s my experience:

1) I typed in the product name I’m looking for “FMMod01″, into the box at the top of this page. Here are the results. Looks like there are some options at a decent price, hopefully.

2) After clicking on Compare Prices, I see the list of merchants. Oh, Crutchfield! Fantastic…love ordering from them, even if it costs a little more. And look at that discount! 50% cashback…score!

3) At this point I’m getting excited, so I click Go To Store and see this:

OK, what!? It went from 50% cashback savings to a whopping 0.0% cashback savings!? I decide to enter an email address, hoping that the savings will switch back as quickly as before, but the next page shows this:

Well that really bites! Two thumbs down for live search cashback – I’ll just stick with Google and evreward.com.

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