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A Baseball Rule I Don’t Understand

August 19th, 2008

Just sitting here watching a little baseball, and I was reminded of a rule that I completely don’t understand: collisions at home plate. Specifically, when the runner doesn’t slide, but collides with the catcher in order to knock the ball out.

For one thing, this does not seem like baseball to me. It’s one thing to slide hard in order to break up a double-play – I’m all for that. But in this case, the runner realizes that he’s been had, and the only option left is to pile-drive the catcher in hopes that he completely loses control and can’t hang on to the ball. Isn’t that more like MMA?

Secondly, it seems like the runner should be out as soon as there is contact with the glove – regardless of what happens afterwards. If the catcher has control of the ball and there is contact, even slight contact, on a normal tag play, the runner is out. Why is there a different standard for collisions?

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