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My First Real Firefox Extension

April 18th, 2009

(This post may not make any sense to some of you…)

I’ve spent the last few weeks building a Firefox add-on to simplify the process of tagging links with Google Analytics tracking variables before sharing on Twitter. It’s called Snip-n-Tag, because…well…it shortens URLs and tags them. How creative am I, huh? See it at the Mozilla site here:

Anyways…in 3 days it’s been installed over 100 times, so I feel pretty good about that. It’s a simple extension, but I think it solves a real problem fairly eloquently. For you folks that use Twitter to drive traffic to your website, check it out and give me your feedback. You can leave comments on the snip-n-tag page of this site at

As I mentioned in the title, this was my first real firefox extension, starting from scratch and learning XUL and all that. I’ve built a couple of Greasemonkey scripts for Google Analytics which have been converted to extensions, but nothing like this yet.

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