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Pelosi Introduces Final Health Reform Bill

October 29th, 2009

Speaker Pelosi just introduced the merged health reform bill for the House of Representatives. ┬áThe bill is 1,900 pages long, so let’s split it up. ┬áReport back when you are finished reading the first half, and I will read the second half.

Otherwise, you can read a nice 11 page summary here:

This bill contains a public option with negotiated rates, however, it’s looking less and less likely that the Senate will pass anything with a public option (save Snowe’s trigger option).

One of the things that I saw for the first time was the requirement for employers to contribute 72.5% of employees premiums, and 65% for the premiums for families. This would make a significant difference for me, as my employer contributes quite a bit for employee insurance but much less for families.

Now it’s time for Senator Reid to make his bill public!

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