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Interest Fading on Manned Space Exploration

January 17th, 2010

The Houston Chronicle has a story today reporting that a new Rasmussen poll shows that only 40% of Americans believe that the Shuttle program has been worth the cost. This is the last year of the Shuttle program, with 5 missions to go.

President Bush had planned the shuttles retirement at the end of 2010, and Obama has agreed with his budget this year.

It costs half a billion dollars every time the shuttle flies. I like what Michio Kaku says in his article in Forbes:

The space station costs upward of $100 billion, yet its critics call it a “station to nowhere.” It has no clearly defined scientific purpose. Once, President George H.W. Bush’s science adviser was asked about the benefits of doing experiments in weightlessness and microgravity. His response was, “Microgravity is of microimportance.” Its supporters have justified the space station as a terminal for the space shuttle. But the space shuttle has been justified as a vehicle to reach the space station, which is a completely circular and illogical argument.

What do you think…should we continue manned space exploration?

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